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Apple iPhone 7 ignites internal a vehicle; is this a Samsung Galaxy note 7 within the making?


If you thought the igniting phones fiasco was over, think again. According to a report, an iPhone 7 caught fire inside a car leaving the vehicle in flames. A similar case was reported earlier where a Galaxy Note 7 had burned up an owners Jeep in Florida.

Mat Jones had left his new iPhone 7 under some clothes inside his car while he was out taking surfing lessons. Upon his return, he found his car was filling up with smoke, said a 7 News report.
Jones told 7 News, “Ash was just coming from inside the pants which then, once you unwrapped the pants, the phone was just melting inside of it.” He is now left with no phone and an unusable car.


Apple is said to be aware of the accident and will be investigating the events that led to the phone’s ignition. The investigation will check if the fire incident was caused by a defective unit. The car was parked at the beach with the phone sitting inside under a pile of clothes. There is a high possibility that heat built up inside the car sped up the ignition process of the phone.

It is advised not to let your smartphone overheat and one should never charge their handset if it runs hot most of the time. In that case it’s time you took your smartphone to the service center. The news of an iPhone 7 burning up is a bit surprising and a bit odd. With the Samsung Note 7 out of the way this year, Apple may have seen increased sales of its 7 Plus unit. Even worse would be Google with its Pixel XL that seems to be reaping the benefits of the Note 7’s absence. Let’s hope that this is just a one off case as more flagships catching fire would only mean fewer flagships choices for consumers.

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