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Apple’s Next Big Move: Entering the Generative AI Race

In the ever-evolving world of artificial intelligence, giants like Facebook, Google, and Microsoft have already entered the AI race. Rumors suggest that Apple is about to join the fray with its generative AI model. According to tech journalist Mark Gurman, Apple is diligently working on its own Generative AI Chatbot Model, which could revolutionize how we interact with our devices. Let’s take a closer look at this intriguing development.

Apple’s Generative AI Chatbot – Codenamed “Ajax”

The upcoming Generative AI Chatbot from Apple is said to be based on the company’s in-house AI framework known as “Ajax.” This new AI model is expected to be built using Google Jax, making it an exciting fusion of Apple’s unique capabilities and Google’s powerful AI technology.

Limited Accessibility and Slow Commercialization

While there is growing anticipation for Apple’s Generative AI Chatbot, reports indicate that it is currently accessible to only a select group of trusted developers within the company. Apple carefully controls access to ensure the technology is developed and refined before considering widespread commercialization.

The approach taken by Apple is reminiscent of Samsung’s entry into the AI field, which started with internal testing among employees. Apple is treading cautiously before making the technology available to the public. As consumers, we may have to wait until 2024 or beyond to witness the full potential of Apple GPT Generative AI Chatbot.

AI Integration in Apple Products

While Apple GPT’s AI initiatives have not been as high-profile as its competitors, it doesn’t mean the company is not investing in AI technology. If you’ve been using the latest iOS 17, you may have already experienced AI-infused features. From improved FaceTime interactions to the innovative Personal speech function that enables users to train a genuine AI to imitate their speech on iPhones, Apple is gradually incorporating AI into its products.

Additionally, Apple Watch users can look forward to AI-based health components later this year. These developments suggest Apple is building a foundation for AI integration across its products and services.

Apple’s AI Trajectory and Future Plans

According to insiders, Apple has steadily advanced its AI initiatives over the past few years. However, details about the company’s plans for its Generative AI Chatbot are still under wraps. Apple has a history of keeping its projects confidential until they are ready to be unveiled.

As information about Apple’s Generative AI Chatbot becomes more accessible, we can expect more updates and announcements from the company. While the AI race is underway, Apple takes a more measured approach, ensuring they deliver a polished and innovative product.


Apple’s foray into the Generative AI Race is an exciting prospect for tech enthusiasts worldwide. As the company works on its Generative AI Chatbot codenamed “Ajax,” we eagerly anticipate how it will reshape how we interact with our devices. While the timeline for its commercial release remains uncertain, one thing is certain: Apple’s AI endeavours are gathering momentum, and we can expect more groundbreaking developments.

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