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Breaking News: Apple Abandons Electric Car Project After 10 Years

Apple’s recent announcement to cancel its ambitious electric car project, Project Titan, has sent shockwaves through the tech industry. After a decade of development and significant investment, this decision marks a notable shift in Apple’s strategic direction.

Apple’s Decision to Cancel Project Titan

Bloomberg reports that Apple’s senior executives, including CEO Jeff Williams and Vice President Kevin Lynch, decided to wind down Project Titan in recent weeks. This move comes as a surprise to nearly 2000 employees who have been dedicated to the project.

The announcement has left many employees needing clarification about their future at Apple. While some may transition to other teams within the company, others may face the prospect of layoffs.

Previous Plans and Shift in Focus

Rumors about Apple’s foray into electric car vehicles emerged in 2014, sparking speculation about the company’s intentions. Over the years, the project underwent several revisions. Apple initially aimed to develop a fully autonomous vehicle before shifting its focus to an electric car with fewer self-driving features.

Despite these efforts, Apple has yet to abandon its plans to compete directly with Tesla in the electric car vehicle market. This decision marks the end of a decade-long endeavor to establish a foothold in the automotive industry.

Reaction from Elon Musk

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, responded to the news with a simple saluting emoji on X (Twitter). Musk’s reaction underscores the significance of Apple’s decision and its implications for the broader electric car vehicle market.

Project Titan’s History

Project Titan has been Apple’s long and tumultuous journey since its inception. The project faced numerous challenges and underwent multiple leadership changes over the years. Despite significant investment and effort, Apple ultimately chose to discontinue the project.

Speculation on Reasons for Cancellation

While Apple has not provided specific reasons for canceling Project Titan, speculation abounds regarding the factors that may have influenced this decision. Some suggest that Apple’s priorities have shifted, while others point to insurmountable technological challenges.

Apple’s Track Record with Projects

The cancellation of Project Titan is one of many times Apple has faced setbacks in its ambitious endeavors. Previous projects, such as developing a custom 5G modem and the Apple AirPower charging mat, have also been shelved despite considerable investment.


Apple’s decision to cancel Project Titan marks the end of a decade-long effort to develop an electric car to rival Tesla. While the exact reasons for this decision remain unclear, it underscores the challenges inherent in bringing a new product to market, even for a company as innovative as Apple.

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