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Another rumor claims Samsung Gear Glass could launch alongside Galaxy Note 4

Samsung_gear_glass1A Google Glass competitor from Samsung has been rumored quite often in the last few months, and today a new report is claiming that the Korean manufacturer could unveil the Gear Glass (a tentative title) at IFA in September, alongside the Galaxy Note 4, something that has been rumored in the past. The first smartwatch from the company was announced along with the Galaxy Note 3, which would make it fitting to launch the first smart glass with the sequel to the Samsung’s current phablet flagship. According to the source for Business Korea, the Gear
Glass will run on Tizen, similar to the Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo.
Not much is known about the Gear Glass, though Samsung has applied for quite a few patents surrounding smart glasses. The latest patent suggested that it could be different from Google Glass in that it will feature both a Bluetooth earpiece and a head-up display – however, a Samsung official once said that the company doesn’t believe smart glasses is something they want to develop as they don’t wish to “turn people into cyborgs”, so it’s certainly up in the air whether the Gear Glass even exists.


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