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A Big Change in Truecaller, Now Your Profile Will Show The Name of the Viewer

Truecaller changes after update

Truecaller has made changes in its interface again. Truecaller is a popular caller ID app. The popularity of the app can be estimated from the fact that it has 10 million active users. That is, 10 million users use this app every day. In this app with caller ID, there are shortcuts like Dialer, Messages and Contacts. You get many special features when you take a pro’s subscription to the app. Truecaller has presented the Who Viewed Your Profile feature again to the users in this episode. Through this feature, you will be able to find who has seen your profile. However, for this, you have to take Pro’s subscription to the app. This feature of Truecaller resembles Linkedin. The company has stated in a statement that users will now know who has checked their profile.

What will be special

Whenever any person checks your profile through Truecaller, you will get a notification. This will help you know who is checking your profile. Here are two things to pay attention to,

  • This feature will only be used by users taking ProSubscriptions.
  • This function will work only when a person taps on your profile. If someone sees your name through search then this function will not work.

Truecaller comes in handy

Through Truecaller, you can see the name of any user calling the phone in your phone. That is, if someone calls you with an unknown number, then the app gives you information about the caller’s name. With the help of the app you can also block any number, phone call or message. Apart from creating profiles in the app, you can also customize it.



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