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Truecaller and WhatsApp Join Forces to Tackle India’s Spam Call Epidemic

In India, the problem of spam calls via WhatsApp has increased, causing frustration and inconvenience to millions of users. However, a potential solution is on the horizon, with the recent collaboration between Meta (the parent company of WhatsApp) and Truecaller. Truecaller, a Swiss-based service provider, is renowned in India for its comprehensive caller ID filtering and identifying methods. This article will delve deeper into the partnership between WhatsApp and Truecaller, its potential implications, and how it could help reduce the menace of spam calls in India.

The Rising Menace of WhatsApp Spam Calls in India

According to a Truecaller analysis conducted in 2021, Indian mobile users receive an average of 17 spam calls per month. This figure is alarming, especially considering that many calls are made via WhatsApp. These spam calls can disrupt personal and professional activities, and some may even attempt to scam the receiver. This problem prompted the Indian telecom regulator to issue new regulations in February 2022, requiring service providers like Jio and Airtel to block telemarketing calls using AI.

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The WhatsApp and Truecaller Partnership

As part of their collaboration, Truecaller has launched a new caller identification service for WhatsApp users in India. This service is designed to filter out spam calls and help users identify calls from unknown or unregistered numbers. The beta version of this upgrade will be rolled out later this month.

How Will Truecaller and WhatsApp Tackle Spam Calls?

The exact mechanism of how Truecaller and WhatsApp will collaborate to tackle spam calls is yet to be revealed. However, suppose Truecaller’s default spam call notifier is any indication. In that case, a floating banner should appear on the user’s home screen when an unauthorized number calls via WhatsApp. This feature is expected to help users identify spam calls and avoid them.

Truecaller’s Plan to Collaborate with Indian Telecom Companies

Truecaller has also announced that it will collaborate with Indian telecom companies to roll out this service. This partnership aligns with the telecom regulator’s recent regulation requiring service providers to use AI to block telemarketing calls. The collaboration is expected to make the service more accessible and effective in tackling spam calls.

Beta Testing and Feedback

The beta version of the Truecaller and WhatsApp upgrade will be rolled out later this month. Users can provide feedback to help improve the service and make it more effective in tackling spam calls.


The partnership between Truecaller and WhatsApp is a promising development in tackling the menace of spam calls in India. With the beta version of the new upgrade set to be released soon, users can look forward to a more effective way of identifying and blocking spam calls. It remains to be seen how effective this partnership will be in reducing the volume of telemarketing calls, but it is undoubtedly a step in the right direction.

Via: Reuters

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