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Your chat on WhatsApp will be protected with Fingerprint Authentication


Whatsapp fingerprint authentication


WhatsApp is coming with another special feature for the user’s better experience. WhatsApp will soon come with fingerprint authentication feature for your chat no one else can see. This will allow users to keep their WhatsApp chat safe. According to WeBetaInfo, this feature is currently being tested in the Android Beta 2.19.3 version. According to a report, after working on Face ID and Touch ID for iOS (FEATURES is currently unavailable due to some reasons) WhatsApp is now working on the authentication feature.

The fingerprint authentication feature will be available in a new section in the app itself. After activating the fingerprint feature, your WhatsApp will be completely secure. Users have to authenticate to open WhatsApp. It is only for opening the app, but to get the messages sent in the notifications, it will also require authentication. This way the whole app and your chat will be safe.

This feature will be made available to Android users who are using Android Marshmallow or above OS, in the coming time. After this iOS users can also get this feature.

WhatsApp Upcoming Features 2019

With this, also know what other features can be found in WhatsApp in 2019:

Ignore Button: Since the arrival of this button you can ignore those you do not want to talk to. It happens so many times that we do not want to talk to any of our contact lists, but they can not ignore it. Because the existing features of WhatsApp have a blue tick. If you do not read the message of someone, then it does not have a blue tick. If you read the message of someone, then the next user comes with a blue tick. But with the coming of this new feature you can ignore those you do not want to talk to.

Message will be automatically sent to the festival Send:

Our country is a festival of festivals, here many festivals are celebrated in the year. Many times we are so busy that the festive greetings can not be given to those who want to celebrate. WhatsApp is about to add a new feature soon. With the help of this feature, the selected friends from your contact will be automatically sent messages on the occasion of the festival. This can prove to be a very useful feature.

Like and dislike buttons for Status:

Like Facebook and other social media platforms, you will be able to Like and dislike WhatsApp Status. That is, you can give your feedback on the status of your front-end user. At the moment, you can comment on any user’s status. By adding this feature you will know how many people have liked or disliked your status.

Do Not Disturb:

The way you like to take or not to take calls as per your wishes in your Smartphone. Similarly, with the addition of this feature in WhatsApp, you can block the message at night or at any given time. During this time you will not get any message from any contact. Or you will be able to receive messages of selected contacts.


Schedule Message:

After adding this feature to WhatsApp, you will be able to schedule WhatsApp messages just like your email. This feature is especially useful for users using WhatsApp business. Adding this feature will allow users to schedule their message or promotion.


Profile Picture Viewers:

With the help of this feature, you will be able to see who has seen your profile picture. This can be a very awesome feature. With this feature, you can find out who sees your profile picture.



With this feature, you will get a notification when someone comes online in your contact. Earlier this feature was given in Yahoo chat. Apart from this, this feature is also available in Skype. By connecting this feature, users will be able to know who is online and who is not in his contact.


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