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WhatsApp: You Can Now Delete a 2-Day-Old Message for Everyone on WhatsApp

WhatsApp: An enhanced version of the “Delete for Everyone” option has been added to WhatsApp. With this new version, you may now erase a sent message even if it has been there for two days.

WhatsApp Delete Earlier Sent Messages Right Away

In a recent tweet, WhatsApp revealed the change, saying that after two days and 12 hours, you will be able to “unsend” a message sent to an individual or group conversation.

Previously, WhatsApp provided a deletion window of 1 hour, 8 minutes, and 16 seconds in which you may erase a sent message in a chat. The function was first implemented in 2017. So, if you think you sent the wrong message to someone and it’s still unread, you may delete it from the conversation by selecting the “Delete for Everyone” option.

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Simply go to a chat window and long-press a message to erase it. Tap the “Delete for Everyone” button to finish the job. This functionality is currently available to users, and you can begin utilizing it by simply updating the app.

WhatsApp has been beta-testing this extended message deletion timeframe for some time now. It was formerly expected to give a 7-day window but has now opted for two days, potentially owing to privacy concerns.

Meanwhile, WhatsApp has expanded the ability to reply to a message with any emoji. Furthermore, you may now add up to 512 people to a group, send media up to 2GB in size, and mute or message others on a group call by long-pressing their name tile.

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