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Why the iPhone 15 Pro’s Rumoured change has Apple fans worried

Now and then, the upcoming iPhone 15 series generates headlines. We have heard about it before, and this may likely happen. Several of its expected features have leaked in the past, and now there is some news about its price. It could be the first time a price hike has been announced for the iP 15 Pro models since 2017.

A Price increase for the iPhone 15 Pro seems Inevitable

In his recent research note, analyst Jeff Pu discusses the possibility of a price hike for the iP 15 Pro and the 15 Pro Max due to the new features added.

It could have a titanium case (like the Apple Watch Ultra), solid-state volume and power buttons, a periscope lens, more RAM, and a USB 3.2 Type-C port that is faster. Also, the phones will likely have an A17 Bionic chipset, following Apple’s latest strategy of including different chips for non-Pro and pro models.

A previous report suggested that the iPhone 15 Pro would start at $1,099 (₹89,300) while the 15 Pro Max would begin at $1,199 (₹97,400).

There will be a $100 price increase, which can concern many people. As a result, we can expect even more expensive iPhones this year. However, it remains to be seen whether this applies to the iPhone 15 and the 15 Plus. It was previously suggested that these would see a price cut this year as part of Apple’s new strategy. However, nothing has been confirmed yet.

It is expected that the iPhone 15 series will include Dynamic Island and USB-C ports. We hope to see the iP 15 models become official in September, along with some subtle design changes (rounded edges, thinner bezels, and more) and several camera, battery, and performance upgrades.

Please keep checking back for updates on the iPhone 15 lineup, and let us know what you think about the price hike in the comments.

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