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WhatsApp’s Upcoming UNDO BUTTON for Deleted Messages!

WhatsApp is planning to provide an undo button for deleted messages soon.

WhatsApp already offers a function that allows you to erase a message that was sent inadvertently. So, if you accidentally send a message to the wrong chat, you can quickly “Delete for Everyone,” which simplifies things. And it is now aiming to introduce a new function that would allow you to undo the action if you accidentally delete a message that wasn’t meant to happen. 

WhatsApp is working on a feature that would allow users to reverse their actions.

WhatsApp undo button: According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is developing an undo feature for deleted messages. This implies that if you choose the “Delete for me” option and then decide to modify it, you will only have a few seconds to reverse the action.

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According to a screenshot published on social media, if a message is erased, there will be an undo option at the bottom of the screen, which may be tapped to restore the message. This works in a similar way to Gmail’s undo feature. In either a group or individual conversation, you may opt to keep or delete the message.

Image by: wabetainfo

However, we are unsure if this capability will be available for all deleted messages or would simply allow you to restore a message that has been erased for you. Enabling it for all deleted messages makes more sense because it is possible to delete a message by accident, and retyping it might be time-consuming.

Because this function is currently in development, there is no news on when it will be offered to beta and public users. As a result, it may take some time until it is available to consumers.

Furthermore, WhatsApp is testing another feature that would allow you to modify a sent message. This is useful if you accidentally sent the wrong message and don’t want to delete it and retype it. This is also in the works, and it remains to be seen when it will be available to people.

In terms of new features, the Meta-owned messaging platform recently received message reactions, the Communities area, the option to add up to 32 persons on a phone conversation, and the “2GB restriction” for media. We anticipate that many of the features being tested will become official this year.

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