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Whatsapp Bug Be Careful, These Messages can Crash Your Smartphone

Whatsapp bug
Such messages can be found on whatsapp, be careful, your phone may crash

Once again, the message is spreading in WhatsApp, which means that the app is crashing. At present, there are some messages on WhatsApp which are affecting users both Android and iOS. In some cases these messaging users are also forced to restart the Smartphone’s.

How are these messages: Both the Android and iOS users are getting messages that have hidden special characters. This changes the process of text. Some such invisible symbols can freeze WhatsApps.

What is the message: Another message is being forwarded in WhatsApp recently. This is going to hangs WhatsApp for a few seconds. Message is written in – If you touch Black Point, your WhatsApp will hang. The black icon comes in this message. Clicking on this app freeze.

It is being said that this message thread is crashing the app due to space between text and black dot. By converting this message into HTML, it shows that the text has a right to left mark. This is invisible formatting. From this, the difference between left to right and right to left is detected. It is being said that the app is crashing due to the use of the wrong formatting character.

There is no virus: where these messages are crashing Whatsapp, while there is no virus in this prank. But still we will give you the opinion that you do not click on such a message. Especially when these messages are coming from an unknown number. Not only WhatsApp, but many other messaging apps have become victims of this kind of bug messaging. Earlier, due to Telugu characters in iOS, there was a problem with the iMessage Crash.


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