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WhatsApp Adds Communities To Make Group Chat Management Easier

Within the last few months, people worldwide were allowed to test Communities on WhatsApp. The feature has now been released, so update your app if you still need it!

WhatsApp communities will now reach all users.

WhatsApp has announced that they will promote the chat app Communities globally. The Communities section on the app will show up as a new tab, and users will see it on Android phones at the top of their contacts list. Alternatively, it will be located at the bottom on iOS devices.

Communities allow people to form groups around any shared interest or structure themselves in the best way for them. It will be specifically helpful for school groups, office groups, and much more.

One of the great things about a Community is that users can easily switch between groups. Plus, admins can broadcast messages to all the groups they’ve created under their Community and leave certain users out of it.

WhatsApp Communities are entirely encrypted, just like other chats. They’re also similar to Facebook Groups and Slack. One significant difference: WA Communities are based on phone numbers and include more security features. You may even be invited to enter a Community if someone sends you an invite.

What’s new? The app can add up to 32 people to a group video chat and create in-group polls. The new update was tested recently. And these features are now available for WA Communities. Groups can also contain up to 1,024 members, which were previously only tested.

Whatsapp adds communities to make group chat management easier 2

Other features: sharing larger files and emoji reactions, will also be available for WhatsApp Communities.

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