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What To Expect From Google’s Pixel Roadmap For 2023-2025

We have already started learning about what Google will be doing next year, even for 2025, after the Pixel 7 series and its smartwatch were launched this year. Check out the leaked Pixel device roadmap for 2023-2025; you might see some new products there. 

The Pixel Device Roadmap for 2023-2025

Google’s hardware plans for 2023 to 2025 are revealed in a recent report by Android Authority. We should take this schedule with a grain of salt until more official details are released. You should know that this schedule may change from time to time.

Plans for Google in 2023

A successor to the Pixel 6a is expected to be released in 2023 with the Pixel 7a. Based on previously leaked renders, the Pixel 7a could cost $449 (₹37,200), similar to the Pixel 6a, with a Pixel 7-like design, according to the renders. The device is expected to include a 90Hz display, the Tensor G2 chipset, wireless charging, and other features.

Another possible launch from the company could be the Pixel Fold. The phone, expected to come out in Q1 2023, might have a design similar to the Galaxy Z Folds and have 1200 nits of peak brightness. There will likely be triple rear cameras, the Tensor G2 SoC, and more high-end features. It’ll cost $1,799 (₹1,49,000). Other than this or possibly coming out with the Pixel 8 or Pixel 8 Pro in 2020 with new advances, Google will likely release a new version of the Tensor chipset for improved camera features and an upcoming redesign of its popular smartphone devices.

Plans for Google in 2024 and 2025

In 2024, Google is expected to release a Pixel 8a if the Pixel 7a does well (Google may release Pixel A-series phones biannually). It is speculated that Google will follow the same strategy as the iPhone SE lineup. However, there is a possibility that the next iPhone SE will be released later! If it launches, it will cost $499 (₹41,300).

In addition, Google’s Pixel 9 series will include three smartphones: the standard Pixel 9, the Pixel 9 Pro, and a Pixel 9 Pro variant (codenamed ‘caiman’) with a smaller screen. According to Android Authority, three Pixel phones will be in 2024 with Tensor G4 chipsets! Another foldable phone is also likely.

Lastly, two new strategies may emerge in 2025. It could release a foldable Galaxy Z Flip-like phone, but if that doesn’t happen, Google might start making four Pixel phones (like Apple) — a standard model with small and large screens and a Pro model with small and large screens.

Although the roadmap above seems like an excellent idea for Google to finally seem serious about its hardware products, we are still determining what the audience will think. The Pixel foldable phones remain to be seen as well. Google’s leaked Pixel device roadmap is still unconfirmed, so we’ll have to wait and see how this plays out. We’ll keep you posted.

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