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Pixel 9 Pro Leak: A Closer Look at the Redesigned Camera Bar and More

If you’ve been keeping up with Pixel news, you’ve likely observed Google’s struggle to keep details about upcoming gadgets under wraps. The Pixel 9 series is no exception, with leaks surfacing just months after the Pixel 8 series. Today, we delve into the recent Pixel 9 Pro leak, offering insights into its redesigned camera bar and other notable changes.


In the fast-paced world of smartphone leaks, Google’s Pixel series has consistently been a subject of intrigue. Despite efforts to maintain secrecy, details about upcoming models tend to surface well in advance. The Pixel 9 series is no different, with official renderings and information now available.

Pixel 9 Pro Design Revealed

Pixel 9 pro design revealed
Image courtesy: onleaks and mysmartprice

The recent leaks, courtesy of OnLeaks and MySmartPrice, showcase a departure from the norm. Google has opted for sharp-looking edges, abandoning the curved rear edges in previous models. A noticeable reduction in bezel size compared to the Pixel 8 Pro adds to the visual appeal.

Redesigned Camera Bar

Among the prominent changes is the modification of the rear camera bar. Unlike its predecessors, it no longer extends to the back panel’s borders. Instead, it mimics the Pixel Fold, featuring a slightly curvier module that acts as a bezel for the camera system. This module also houses the flash and a potential temperature sensor.

Adjustments in Button Placement

Regarding button placement, the power and volume buttons retain their position on the right side. However, the SIM card slot sees a shift to the bottom right, next to the USB-C connector. The top of the device hosts a microphone and an mmWave antenna mark, as revealed in leaked images.

Rumors About Screen Size

Speculation surrounds the Pixel 9 Pro screen size, with conflicting information suggesting a 6.5-inch display, contrary to the 8 Pro’s 6.7-inch screen. However, this discrepancy may be clarified by anticipating a third Pixel model within the series. The design nuances hint at possible variations within the lineup.

Credits: OnLeaks and MySmartPrice

Comparisons with Other Devices

Drawing comparisons with devices like the iPhone and Nothing Phone (2), the Pixel 9 Pro’s design raises questions. While the Pixel 8 Pro embraced a bouncy style complementing Android’s aesthetics, the 9 Pro’s flat edges represent a departure. User preferences for curved or crisp designs become a point of consideration.

User Feedback

Now, we turn to you, the reader. What are your thoughts on the Pixel 9 Pro’s design based on these leaks? Do you prefer a curving or crisp design aesthetic? Share your opinions in the comments section below. Your feedback matters!


In conclusion, the Pixel 9 Pro’s leaked design introduces significant changes. From the redesigned camera bar to adjustments in button placement, Google seems to be exploring new avenues. The impact of these alterations on the market reception remains to be seen.

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