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What is SLED, how realme gave TV industries a new look with the help of this technology?

Realme-sled-tvRealme has also made a strong place in the TV segment after smartphones. The company has used SLED technology in its TV segment which makes the TV experience better and better.

Smartphones have changed the life of a human being completely. Whether to work or entertain yourself, take knowledge, or do some shopping, smartphones have made everything easy. Today, different types of smartphones are available in the market with the latest technology. But it is not that in the last decade only smartphones have seen an expansion in technology and industries have also advanced in technology. TV Industries is also one of them. Initially, we saw the era of black and white followed by color TV. Gradually the design and display of the TV changed. In the last decade, different types of technology have completely changed the TV view experience of the people.

Which TVs are available in the market – LED, QLED, OLED

To understand LED (Light Emitting Diodes) – first, you have to understand LCD (Liquid Crystal Display). At the moment, you will rarely see LCD TV in the market. It is a type of flat panel display, which uses liquid crystals to produce images. It uses CCFL for back display lighting. Talk about LED’s at the same time, so it is advanced with LCD. It uses LED panels for back display lighting. It is much thinner and consumes less power than the LCD.

QLED (Quantum dot LED) – This technology is slightly advanced than LED. In this, a quantum dot color panel or filter is given between the screen and the emitting diode, which gives good color viewing on the TV. This technology uses phosphorescent crystals to improve the backlight.

Qled-tv-technologyOLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diodes) – This is a very expensive and advanced technology. You see this technology even in smartphones nowadays. Each pixel has its lighting. Meaning that the color you want to show, you will see the same color, due to which the view experience becomes quite good. Also, the TV becomes quite thin and power consumption is also reduced.

realme tv category redefined

Any company related to technology has one objective, to make the experience of users brilliant. In this case, realme has gone far ahead. By developing SLED, it has given an amazing and unmatched view experience to TV users.

What is this SLED

The SLED display technology is co-developed by realme and SPD technology (Spectral Power Distribution) chief scientist John Ruymance. By adopting SPD technology for TV blacklight, on SLED TV we will get an ultra-wide color gamut with low blue light and also eye care.

Sled-tvWhat is the technology behind SLED?

The SLED display is based on RGB backlight technology. White light in nature is produced by RGB primary color, which is red, green, and blue. The SLED display developed based on this gives a more natural view experience with SPD technology. While most LED TVs, including QLED, use only the blue backlight, which later turns white. The SLED initially uses red, green, and blue LED lights, therefore minimizing the harmful effects of blue light and providing good colors. Thus the SLED offers a wider color gamut than QLED and also eye protection.


What is the difference between SLED and QLED and LED?

This realme smart TV that comes with a SLED display has an NTSC ultra-wide color gamut of up to 108% with RGB backlight technology, while HD NTSC has a standard 95% compared to LED TV, it’s color gamut Only 70% is NTSC. With up to 108% NTSC color gamut the SLED program can restore the best color images and videos.

Why need such technology

As the display technology is expanding, the companies related to the technology also have to see that users get a better experience, as well as there is not much pressure on their eyes. The biggest advantage of SLED TV is that it offers a great viewing experience. On this TV you will get to see very good colors. You watch a cricket match or a movie is not going to be removed from your TV at all. The most important thing is that it is certified by TÜV Rheinland. While watching TV, it is said that do not watch too much TV will spoil the eyes. realme has overcome this problem through SLED TV. In this, the blue light that causes damage to the eyes has been reduced very little. So even with the RGB backlight, the SLED is healthy for your eyes.

Not using blue backlight initially, color distribution between red, green, and blue is more balanced with the same color density in SLED. Thus, SLED has less blue light than QLED. The lower the blue light, the healthier your eyes will be.

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