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Valorant Game’s New Indian Agent Harbor: Abilities Explained, and Release Date

Valorant Harbor Release Date: Development of the Valorant New Indian Agent Harbor character began 13 months ago, starting with researching Harbor’s background, language, age, and location in India. Goscicki said Harbor would be an aspirational agent and declined to reveal any other details. However, she noted that the character would be located outside the inworld controller space.

Area-of-effect potential

Agent Harbor’s area-of-effect potential is a large part of his in-game identity. As a Valorant agent, Harbor has immense area-of-effect potential and can create geyser strikes that concuss any enemy hit by them. Harbor’s Area-of-Effect ability helps clear small areas and prevent attackers from establishing a solid defensive position.

Harbor has many valuable talents and isn’t just an Area-of-Effect squishy. One of the most striking is Cascade, which allows the player to equip a wall of water. When fired, the wall moves in waves and moves over obstacles. It then stops after a short distance. When the wall hits an enemy, it slows down the enemy for 2 seconds.

Unlike other Valorant’s, Agents don’t have smokes and are therefore considered Controllers. It makes them more like a Viper than a traditional smoke Agent. However, they offer additional benefits, such as shielding and slowing abilities. However, the creators of the Valorant chose to keep the design of the Agent authentic by choosing Indian culture as their inspiration.

Agent 21 shares many heroic traits with other VALORANT Game‘s Agents, but he is uniquely equipped with a unique ability. His Shielding Water is a powerful weapon, blocking enemy bullets and preventing the enemy from seeing or hitting him. However, this power will likely be nerfed or removed once the game is released.

Valorant Harbor: Abilities (Similarity to Astra’s abilities)

Valorant’s next Agent, Harbor, has been announced by Riot Games. He slots in as Agent 21 in the numerical catalogue, replacing Agent 8. In the game, he will have water-related abilities and vision. Like the other Agents, he will also be an area-denying agent. It makes him similar to Viper and Brimstone.

The similarities between Astra and Harbor’s abilities were revealed through a teaser trailer. Harbor’s signature ability is called “Bubble.” A recent Valorant data miner has also announced the internal production name of the next Agent. It is likely to be released sometime in October.

The name Varun Batra relates to Hindu mythology, and Varuna is the god of the oceans. It could mean that the Mage’s powers come from the water. However, the other Agents’ abilities are related to their elemental nature. Only one of them is not an element in the game.

Harbour’s ability to use her impenetrable water wall makes her a great controller. For Astra mains looking to try another character, Harbor is an excellent option. His water wall will block enemy bullets and ults. 

Harbour’s Cove will also stop bullets and allow his to plant spikes.

Another similarity between Harbor’s and Astra’s abilities is her ability to block bullets. This ability can also be used as a defensive tool. Harbor’s ultimate ability, Cosmic Divide Ultimate, will also prevent bullets from passing through her orb. It may also help block shots for a specific time.

In addition to blocking bullets, Harbor’s abilities can also prevent enemies from moving through her bubble, making her an effective sniper.


High Tide

  • Cost: Free
  • Charge: Single (Recharges in 40 seconds)


  • Cost: 150
  • Charge: Single


  • Cost: 350
  • Charge: Single


  • Cost: 7 Ult Points

Valorant’s Agent Harbor Release date 2022

The release date of Valorant New Indian Agent Harbor is fast approaching. The Indian character is set to join the roster of agents soon, with the new character arriving on October 18. Previously, it was unclear when Harbor would be available, but Riot Games has confirmed his arrival in Acts 2 and 3 of Episode 5. In addition, the developer has said that Harbor will be available for purchase on October 18.

Harbor will be released alongside the next act in Valorant. Act 3 will be released soon, which is October 18. Harbor will have new abilities, such as a shield made from water. Valorant’s roster will continue to grow with the recent addition of Harbor. To celebrate his arrival, Riot Games released a new trailer for Harbor that depicts his history.

The video game’s trailer showed Harbor working with REALM to recover an item in Mumbai. The trailer also showed how Harbor could control water after being attached. The upcoming Valorant episode will give fans a taste of Harbor’s abilities. Once added to Valorant, he will be able to fight against the new villains in the game.

While it is difficult to predict the exact release date of Valorant harbor, fans can look forward to the release of this new character. Unlike other characters in Valorant, Harbor will have a unique ability that gives him an edge over opponents. For example, he can create a wall of water or water bubbles. Moreover, his special skills may even enable him to summon water waves.

Questions & Answers

When will Valorant get its 21st agent?

Harbor, alias Varun Batra, is Valorant’s twenty-first agent. He is a former agent of the Realm with special watery skills.

Whence comes to this brand-new hero of Valorant?

The newest member of the Valorant team, Varun Batra, is from India.

Valorant, how long does an act typically go on for?

Valorant’s acts typically endure for around two months. The valorant harbor release date for the next chapter is October 18th, and it will include a new Indian agent called Harbor.

What actor provides the voice of Harbor in Valorant?

As of this writing, Riot Games, the game’s creators, have not announced Harbor’s voice actor. However, if the official trailers indicate, they will add Hindi voice lines to the game.

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