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UK retailer confirms Galaxy S5 sales twice that of Galaxy S4 on launch day

Well, if you thought the reports of the Galaxy S5 outselling its predecessor by a comfortable margin were far-fetched, then maybe a statement from an actual retailer confirming the same will be enough to make you believe that Samsung’s newest flagship really is a massive hit. According to UK retailer Phones 4u, launch day sales of the Galaxy S5 were double that of the Galaxy S4, with the Galaxy S5 making up 40 percent of all contract sales at the retailer on Aprill 11. While other retailers haven’t made official statements, it’s likely the story is the same across all major retailers, increasing chances of Samsung meeting that 35

million shipment target and converting much of those shipments into sales as well.

LONDON, UK, 16 APRIL 2014: We’re thrilled to announce that Phones 4u has seen record success with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S5, with sales on the first day alone being double that of the Samsung Galaxy S4 during the same period.
Since its global unveiling the Samsung Galaxy S5 has continued to thrive at Phones 4u – pre-registrations for the newest Galaxy smartphone reached over five figures ahead of the pre-order launch, with official pre-orders escalating significantly past those of its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S4.
Scott Hooton, Chief Marketing Officer at Phones 4u comments: “The Samsung Galaxy S5 is clearly one of the most anticipated handsets of 2014. We’re incredibly pleased with the success it’s had at Phones 4u in such a short space of time already, with sales of the new smartphone being double those seen for the Galaxy S4 on its launch day last year. Samsung continues to innovate and create products and technologies that really make a difference and offer tangible benefits to people’s lives. The newest 4G Samsung smartphone to enter the market made up a huge 40% of our contract sales on day one of its global launch, and 99% of our Galaxy S5 sales so far are on 4G, further supporting our number one independent 4G retailer position.”
The Samsung Galaxy S5 is available to buy at all Phones 4u stores and online now.


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