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TRAI Proposes Repeal of Dial-Up Quality Regulation: What You Need to Know

In recent months, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has proposed repealing the regulation on dial-up and leased line internet access quality. The main reason is that there are no longer any dial-up subscribers. High-speed broadband services are now delivered via optical fibre and wireless technologies such as 4G.

Trai Dial-Up Internet: Details

Dial-up and leased line internet access service quality regulation 2001 was originally put in place to specify the quality of service benchmarks for service providers, ensure customer satisfaction with network performance, and protect the internet service subscribers’ interests. However, these regulations are no longer relevant to the evolution of telecommunication networks.

The draft proposed by TRAI seeks to repeal this regulation with effect from the date of its notification in the Official Gazette. The move comes as no surprise as these regulations were issued when dial-up was the only option for accessing low-speed internet. Telecommunication networks now offer high-speed broadband services with advanced technologies, such as xDSL, FTTH, LTE, etc.

Furthermore, Internet Gateway Service Providers (IGSPs) holding an ISP license to enterprises generally offer leased line access services. This service is based on a Service Level Agreement (SLA) and has provisions safeguarding service quality concerns. It is unnecessary to have a separate regulation for the quality of leased line access services.

The TRAI has requested comments by April 17. The decision is positive, as it will eliminate outdated regulations and make it easier for telecom companies to provide better customer service. The regulation is expected to be repealed as it is no longer needed.

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