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The Rugged Apple Watch Pro might cost as much as the iPhone 13 Pro

Apple looks to be planning three smartwatches as part of its Watch Series 8 this year: a basic model, a rugged variant, and a SE model. According to what we’re hearing currently, there may be some adjustments to the naming strategy, and the supposed rugged Apple Watch may be named the Apple Watch Pro.

Details about the Apple Watch Pro have been leaked.

In his recent Power On newsletter, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reported that Apple intends to pursue the “Pro” route for its smartwatches by including specific Pro capabilities into the anticipated sports edition of the Watch Series 8. The treatment will be identical to that of Apple’s other Pro devices, such as iPhone Pro models, MacBook Pros, and iPad Pros.

Aside from the Apple Watch Pro branding, anticipate high-end features such as a larger, shatter-proof display, longer battery life, and enhanced swimming/hiking tracks. Another feature of this “Pro-fication” would be the incorporation of a stronger, heavier casing made of premium materials such as Titanium. This high-end rugged Apple Watch, nicknamed “N199,” will be geared for sports aficionados but will also appeal to a broader audience. It is also believed to have an S8 processor (like the Apple Watch Series 7), a body temperature sensor, additional health capabilities, and more.

The Apple Watch Edition model may no longer exist as a result of this new development. The new Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, which will directly compete with the new Apple Watch, is anticipated to be released by Samsung at the same time as this.

Now, if a high-end Apple Watch Pro is what we may expect this year, the price will be hefty. Gurman predicts that the wristwatch would likely start at around $900, equivalent to the pricing of the iPhone 13 Pro. Although this feels like a huge price increase, it is still unclear what Apple will charge.

There will be a conventional Apple Watch Series 8 and an Apple Watch SE 2 for those opting for a somewhat less priced Apple Watch. The Watch Series 8 and Watch SE 2 will both use the same S8 chip as the Watch Pro, as well as upgraded functions. The Watch Series 3 will likewise be discontinued.

That’s a lot of information about this year’s Apple Watch selection, but we’re not sure how much of it is accurate. The next Apple Watch is likely to be released in September alongside the iPhone 14 series, so we’ll have to wait until then for more information. We will keep you updated, so don’t worry about missing out.

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