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Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus with a 6-inch screen and stylus support may be in the works


If reports are to be believed, Samsung appears to be gearing up for the launch of a 6-inch Galaxy S8 Plus.
Samsung’s had a very rocky year so far. The company’s Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge smartphones took the company to new heights, while the rather explosive launch of the Galaxy Note 7 took the company to new lows.

The Korean giant needs something special if it hopes to win back the trust and brand value that it lost over the past few months and maybe, just maybe, a 6-inch Galaxy S8 can do it. Naver, a popular Korean portal, suggested the existence of such a device.

The site is in Korean and Google Translate isn’t the most accurate of tools, but from what we can make of it, the new device might be called the S8 Plus and it might feature an S7 Edge-style curved display. Stylus support isn’t explicitly mentioned, but Naver claims that Samsung has already tried out an S8 Plus prototype with stylus support.

Killing off the Note 7 and focussing on the Galaxy S series, even temporarily, does seem like the smartest thing Samsung can do right now. Just a few days ago, a Virgin America flight was cancelled because a hotspot named “Samsung Galaxy Note 7” was spotted on the flight.

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