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Rumour: Nikon could launch the D400 or D4X on January 17th

According to the latest camera-launch rumour, Nikon is expected to launch the D400 or the D4X on January 17th at an event in Dubai. The Dubai Photo Club, who has broken the rumour, claims that Nikon has launched a photo contest which will end on January 17th with the launch of the new Nikon cameras.

The cover image on Nikon’s Middle East page announcing the contest

The Dubai Photo Club has pointed to Nikon’s Facebook page, which announces the constest with taglines underlining speed. According to the Club these are strong indications that Nikon plans to unveil a sports photography oriented camera. Since Nikon’s current flagship DX and FX products – the D300s and D4 – are the leaders in sports photography genre, rumours suggest that they are the most likely candidates to be replaced.

Nikon D400 rumours have been doing the rounds of the internet since quite a while now with some D400 related manual rumours being in circulation since 2009. Unlike the flurry of promotional campaigns of Nikon Df, before it had been officially announced, there aren’t any leaked images as such of the alleged new cameras such as the D4X or D400 so far. However, according to Nikon Rumors, NPS Japan has officially stopped selling the D4 which has further fuelled the speculations around a new camera launch.

We will only find out on January 17th if this rumor has any credential.

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