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Oppo Announces 3 New Products in “INNO Day 2022” Event

Oppo has commenced the INNO Day 2022 event today and introduced new products to empower a better future. The MariSilicon Y audio chip is Oppo’s second self-made chip. The second-generation Air Glass and entry into the OHealth brand were all introduced. Check out the in-depth article below for more detailed information.

The Oppo INNO Day Gadgets Launches

Marsilicon Y

Oppo has announced their second product in the MariSilicon line, the new MariSilicon Y Bluetooth audio SoC. It comes after the MariSilicon X imaging chip announcement at the INNO Day event last year.

MariSilicon Y incorporates N6RF process technology that can support Bluetooth bandwidth of 12Mbps, which is 50% faster than a regular Bluetooth connection. The audio SoC on this device can transfer 24-bit/192kHz ultra-clear lossless audio. It also has enhanced wireless connectivity, making it as good as a wired connection.

The ROG Phone includes the Super OverClocked URLC codec and a dedicated neural processing unit to deliver 590 GOPS of AI computing power on-device. It also supports space audio for stereo or 360 sound so you can enjoy high-quality music via Bluetooth headphones and earbuds.

OHealth H1 Portable Health Monitor

Oppo ohealth monitor
Oppo announces 3 new products in "inno day 2022" event 3

Oppo introduced their new OHealth brand to the smart health market, with their first product being the OHealth H1 health monitor. It can measure SpO2 levels, heart rate, body temperature, ECG, and heart and lung auscultations. It also has sleep-tracking capabilities.

The OHealth H1 has a sleek, concentric oval design at only 95 grams. It’s perfect for you and your family because it allows you to easily track the health of everyone in your household with its high-precision sensors and accurate algorithm.

The new Oppo Air Glass 2

Oppo air glass 2
Oppo announces 3 new products in "inno day 2022" event 4

The Oppo Air Glass 2 succeeds the company’s first ones, introduced last year. It has the world’s first and most advanced resin SRG-diffractive waveguide lens for vision correction and customizations.

The Air Glass 2 has a lot to offer. In real-time, it provides translation, location-based navigation, and voice-to-text conversions. It also doubles as a phone. These second-generation Oppo glasses weigh 38 grams, which is heavier than the first generation. There has yet to be any word on its availability and pricing details.

Oppo has just concluded Day 1 of INNO Day 2022 and is highly anticipated to unveil its next foldable phone tomorrow. Stay tuned for more information on what the company has in store.

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