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OPPO ColorOS 14 Rollout: What to Expect for Your OPPO Device

Smartphone enthusiasts, rejoice! OPPO, a leading smartphone manufacturer, has just made a significant announcement about its ColorOS phone software. The much-anticipated ColorOS 14, which entered the public beta stage in October, is now rolling out globally, transitioning from beta to stable. In this article, we’ll delve into the exciting features of ColorOS 14 and what it means for OPPO users worldwide.

OPPO ColorOS 14 Rollout

Aquamorphic Design: A Splash of Innovation

Coloros 14 smart features
Oppo coloros 14 rollout: what to expect for your oppo device 4

OPPO leaps forward with an enhanced Aquamorphic design in ColorOS 14, building upon the success of ColorOS 13. This design philosophy dynamically adjusts the smartphone’s UI colors based on various factors, such as the time of day and the phone’s current condition. Inspired by water, this design promises a visually pleasing and adaptive user experience.

Aqua Dynamics: Seamlessly Integrated Experiences

Introducing Aqua Dynamics, a new UI feature that seamlessly integrates multiple applications and typical smartphone activities, placing them conveniently at the top. Drawing parallels with Apple’s dynamic island concept for 2023, Aqua Dynamics allows users to keep track of ongoing processes, like voice or screen recordings while multitasking on their phones.

File Dock: Your Handy Data Repository

ColorOS 14 introduces the File Dock, a practical solution for storing files and essential items like Amazon listings, photos, and books. What sets it apart is its ability to retain your data for 30 days, ensuring quick retrieval when needed. Efficiency meets convenience with this thoughtful addition to the ColorOS suite.

Smart Image Matting: Elevating Your Photography Game

For photography enthusiasts, ColorOS 14 brings a game-changing feature – Smart Image Matting. This innovative function enables users to remove the backdrop from subjects in their photographs, unlocking new possibilities for creative expression and visual storytelling.

Always on Display (AOD) Evolution: Going Green

Coloros 14 go green aod
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In its commitment to sustainability, OPPO introduces new Always on Display backgrounds in ColorOS 14. Alongside aesthetic enhancements, there’s a notable ‘go green’ push, aligning with the growing environmental consciousness among smartphone users.

Upgraded Trinity Engine: Boosting Performance

The crown jewel of ColorOS 14 is the Upgraded Trinity Engine, encompassing CPU, RAM, and ROM Vitalization. This upgrade focuses on continuous improvement of CPU resources, accelerated memory performance, and enhanced app efficiency. Users can expect a smoother, more responsive system overall.

ColorOS 14 Release Date & Device Support

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While the ColorOS 14 stable upgrade is an exciting prospect, not all OPPO smartphone users will receive it immediately. Currently, only the Find N2 Flip, OPPO’s innovative flip-style foldable phone, enjoys the privilege of the October security patch and the new ColorOS 14 stable upgrade. However, OPPO has not disclosed the timeline for additional devices, creating an air of anticipation among users.

What’s Next?

As of now, OPPO has not specified when the stable version of ColorOS 14 will be available for other devices. The company, however, has shared its global beta version plans and a release schedule. Stay tuned for updates on the rollout and eligibility of your device. We will keep you informed as soon as we receive more information.

Share Your Thoughts

Are you eagerly anticipating the Color OS 14 upgrade for your OPPO phone? We’d love to hear your opinions and expectations in the comments section below. Share your insights and join the conversation about this exciting development in the world of smartphone software.


In conclusion, OPPO’s global rollout of ColorOS 14 brings a wave of innovation and improvements to enhance the smartphone user experience. From adaptive design to powerful performance upgrades, Color OS 14 caters to diverse user needs. As we eagerly await its availability on more devices, the technological landscape is set to evolve.

SOURCE Oppo Newsroom

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