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One Piece Manga Hiatus: Unexpected Break After Chapter 1111 Revealed

The world of One Piece manga has been buzzing with excitement and anticipation as each new chapter unveils long-standing mysteries. However, fans were taken aback by an unexpected announcement recently—the One Piece manga is going on a hiatus for three weeks after the release of Chapter 1111.


Fans of the One Piece manga have eagerly awaited the following chapters, especially after the intriguing developments in recent releases. However, the excitement has been tempered by the news of an extended break in the manga’s release schedule.

Unexpected Hiatus for One Piece Manga

One Piece’s official manga release schedule reveals a three-week hiatus following the much-anticipated Chapter 1111. This hiatus comes as a surprise to many fans who were eagerly anticipating the continuation of the storyline.

Reasons for the Hiatus

The exact reason behind the hiatus remains unknown. Speculations abound, ranging from author Eiichiro Oda’s need for a break to potential health concerns or strategic publishing decisions.

Impact on Fans

The hiatus has left fans disappointed and curious about the future of the manga. Many eagerly anticipate Chapter 1112 and beyond, hoping for exciting developments once the hiatus concludes.

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Author’s Health Concerns

Rumors suggest that the hiatus might be related to Eiichiro Oda’s health, although no official confirmation has been provided. Fans express their concern for the author’s well-being and wish him a speedy recovery if health issues cause the break.

Chapter Release Schedule

Following the hiatus, Chapter 1112 is scheduled for release on April 22, 2024, with Chapter 1113 following on April 29, 2024. However, fans must wait longer for Chapter 1114 due to the Golden Week break in Weekly Shonen Jump.


The unexpected hiatus in the One Piece manga release schedule has stirred both disappointment and concern among fans. While awaiting further updates, fans can continue enjoying the ongoing storyline in the anime adaptation.

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