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One Piece: Zoro vs. Rob Lucci Finally Has a Winner in Manga Chapter 1110!

Whoa, that became one dragged-out yet thrilling fight! I am regarding one of the fundamental conflicts that lovers persisted for some time within the Egghead Island arc. It is Zoro vs. Rob Lucci, which became famous when it started; however, sooner or later, it lost its appeal because it was dragged out and obscured by other predominant occasions taking region on the island.

Oda sensei, however, made the selection to conclude this protracted contest by putting forward a winner in One Piece bankruptcy 1110. The winner gave up on the contest and came out on the pinnacle with a lovely final blow. Who becomes it, you ask? Find out below:

Zoro vs. Rob Lucci: Winner of the Fierce Battle Revealed

Can you trust me if I say the Zoro vs. Rob Lucci contest lasted around 6 months? Yes, that is one of the reasons why it felt so stretched out, even though the actual fight lasted below an hour, according to the plotline.

It all started when Rob Lucci, tasked with killing Dr Vegapunk, almost went on to kill the antique man; however, he became interrupted via Zoro. From then on, the combat among them began, and they kept butting heads and taunting each other for a while.

We had been left to patiently look ahead to this war’s end as other good-sized events have been going on on the island, which include St. Saturn taking the matter into his hands, the Giant Pirates’ arrival, the final Gorosei descending at the island of their actual demon shape, and more.

Luckily, this everlasting combat is wrapped up by Eiichiro Oda in Chapter 1110 of One Piece, with Zoro winning in opposition to one of the most potent CP0 members, Rob Lucci.

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How Did Zoro Manage to Defeat Rob Lucci?

In bankruptcy 1110, the struggle was still ongoing outside the lab phase, with every understanding and reacting to an insurmountable amount of Haki from the Five Elders’ arrival at the island.

It is when Jinbe arrives to see those two characters still going robust and no one seeking to back down. When Sanji, who became on a call with Jinbe, reacts to this combat and notes how much of a burden Zoro is to the team, it prompts Zoro and makes him flip the switch.

Hence, a warm-headed Zoro once tossed his sword up in the air and unleashed his 3-sword fashion without delay: Spotted Leopard Hahava Hunt, a killer blow that obliterated Rob Lucci. Throughout the fight, Zoro remained unfazed, using evil Rob, who is on a losing streak now. Zoro emerged because of the winner of a strung-out war in opposition to this CPo member.

Reflections on the Battle

I much liked this battle from the beginning; however, because it grew out to be lingering, it became disappointing as it progressed. However, the single-blow ending became worth the wait, and it turned into what we’ve constantly wanted to show up for a while now. Sanji enthusiasts may not have had faith in Zoro, but you’ve got to agree he’s fast becoming one of the satisfactory swordsmen in One Piece. That stated, allow us to realize your mind on this struggle in the remarks below.

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