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Nothing Phone 2: Carl Pei Confirms Launch Date for 2023

Carl Pei has confirmed that the Nothing phone (1), released last year and attracted a lot of attention in 2022, will be succeeded by the Nothing phone (2). Here’s what you need to know.

There will be Nothing Phone (2)!

During an interview with Inverse, Pei said the Nothing phone (2) would launch in late 2023. The exciting part is that it will launch in the U.S. as well. For those who don’t know, Nothing initially avoided the U.S. market with its first Phone but now wants to make it a priority.

Carl Pei said, “We’re really excited about the U.S. market because it’s a big country. If you look at our earbuds sales, about one-third comes from the U.S. And by not launching our Phone in the U.S., we’re leaving potentially a third of the volume on the table. “

Furthermore, Nothing didn’t consider the U.S. because of the ‘resources’ it needed, but now the U.S. is fully prepared. Carl Pei stated, “When you make a smartphone for the U.S. you need to work with the carriers on certification and adapting some of their features into your OS. We didn’t have the resources for that before and now we do,” said Pei.

Despite the lack of details about Nothing’s second smartphone venture, it has been revealed that the second Phone will be software-centric and a premium offering. Pei avoids referring to the Phone (2) as a flagship as that would mean the Phone (1) is not. Pei considers the Phone (1) a flagship.

The Phone (2) will come with a semi-transparent design, a proprietary element of Nothing. As Carl tweeted earlier, Nothing won’t be focusing on another phone anytime soon. However, Pei clarifies that a phone (1) successor will be released.

As soon as Nothing starts officially talking about the smartphone, we will keep you posted. Stay tuned, and let us know what you think of the Nothing phone (2) launch this year.

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