New iPhone 7 to keep the 3.5mm audio jack after all


Apple’s next smartphone, presumably the iPhone 7, will be unveiled in a few months, but rumours have been spreading like wildfire that it will no longer have the 3.5mm audio port. However, according to the latest leaked images of alleged iPhone 7 components the handset might just retain the legacy port this year.

It was evident from a variety of leaked renders of the smartphone that Apple might plan to ditch the port, instead offer lightning or maybe a pair of wireless earphones. The omission of the port also meant that Apple could make the smartphone slimmer than ever. But the latest leaked images coming from Rock Fix, a repair shop in Ganzhou, claim that the 4.7-inch iPhone 7 will retain the headphone jack. The leaks also suggest that there might be a dual-SIM version of the iPhone this year, which will be a first for Apple.

Chinese smartphone maker LeEco recently introduced two smartphones in the market that don’t have the 3.5mm audio jack and offer lossless audio via the USB type-C port. Even Motorola announced the new Moto Z sans the audio port, depending only on Bluetooth or USB type-C based earphones. A decision made too quick?

Previously, we heard that Apple is bringing an all new colour to the iPhone and will skip Space Grey for a Deep Blue version. Another leak pointed out that Apple might introduce a 256GB storage version of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus with a dual camera lens setup. All will be confirmed by September, when the new iPhones get unveiled.

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