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Breaking News: MSI CLAW Handheld Gaming Console Revealed Ahead of CES 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of gaming technology, MSI has taken a bold step into a new frontier with the imminent release of its first-ever portable gaming console, the MSI CLAW. This groundbreaking product is set to compete with established choices such as the ROG Ally and Steam Deck, promising a unique gaming experience on the go.

MSI CLAW Handheld: MSI’s Teaser and Competition

MSI has created a buzz on social media, particularly on X (formerly Twitter), by teasing the release of the MSI CLAW. The official MSI account posted a video showcasing their upcoming portable gaming system. The anticipation is heightened as this device enters the ring with competitors like ROG Ally and Steam Deck.

Intel’s Response

Intel Gaming’s official X account responded to MSI’s teaser video, adding excitement. Intel processors in handhelds are a departure from the prevalent use of AMD CPUs. The collaboration hints at incorporating Intel’s latest innovation, the Core Ultra CPUs.

Intel Core Ultra CPUs

Intel’s recent announcement of Core Ultra CPUs with powerful Meteor Lake graphics has raised expectations for the MSI CLAW, including basic-level ray-tracing and the capability to run the latest games, positioning the gaming console at the forefront of technological advancements.

MSI CLAW Specifications

A recent leak revealed the MSI CLAW’s key specifications, pointing to an Intel Core Ultra 7 155H CPU. The leak, discovered by the X user @Olrak29_, includes a multi-core benchmark score of 11543 points and a single-core score of 2403. These impressive numbers hint at a device poised for exceptional gaming performance.

Intel ProcessorTotal No. Of Cores (C) / Threads (T)Core Configuration (P/E/LP-E)Intel Smart Cache (LLC) Max P-Core / E-Core Turbo FrequencyIntegrated GPU, Xe Cores, GPU FrequencyBase TDP
Intel Core Ultra 7 155H16C/22T6+8+224M4.80 GHz / 3.80 GHzArc Graphics, 8 Xe Cores, 2.25 GHz28W
Specifications of MSI Claw Gaming Handheld

Geekbench Leak

The Geekbench leak not only provides insights into benchmark scores but also stirs curiosity about the gaming capabilities of the MSI CLAW. Gamers are eager to discover how this handheld will fare in today’s most demanding games.

CES 2024 Presentation

MSI plans to unveil its CLAW gaming portable console at CES 2024. The upcoming presentation will highlight additional features and functionalities, making it a must-watch event for gaming enthusiasts.

Design Revelations

Hardware leaker @wxnod has shared photographs on X, showcasing the portable design of the MSI CLAW. The ABXY controller and MSI’s signature dragon-esque style add to the visual appeal of the device.

Competition Landscape

In the wake of Valve’s Steam Deck release in early 2022, various companies have entered the portable gaming arena. ASUS ROG Ally, for instance, has gained acclaim for its performance on mobile computers running Windows 11.

Portable PCs and Windows Integration

The distinction between handhelds and personal computers blurs as devices like ROG Ally and Steam Deck, running Windows, mimic the functionality of traditional PCs. The upcoming MSI CLAW is poised to leverage Intel Core Ultra CPUs, further solidifying its position in this evolving landscape.

MSI’s Advantage with Intel Core Ultra CPUs

The strategic use of Intel’s latest processors gives MSI a competitive edge. The Core Ultra CPUs, known for their robust performance and advanced graphics, position the CLAW as a formidable contender in the portable gaming market.

Anticipation for CES 2024

With the promise of an exciting revelation at CES 2024, the gaming community eagerly awaits MSI’s unveiling of the CLAW. This anticipated event marks a significant moment in the trajectory of portable PCs, with MSI leading the way.

Future of Portable PCs

The imminent release of the MSI CLAW underscores the growing significance of portable gaming devices. As technology advances, the market for highly mobile PCs is set to thrive, and the MSI CLAW is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping this future.

Reader Engagement

What are your thoughts on MSI’s planned portable gaming console? Share your opinions and expectations in the comments section below. Let’s start a conversation about the future of handheld gaming!


In conclusion, the MSI CLAW Handheld Gaming Console is not just a product launch; it signifies a leap forward in the evolution of portable gaming. With cutting-edge technology, a sleek design, and the power of Intel Core Ultra CPUs, the MSI CLAW is set to redefine the gaming experience on the go.


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