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Minorities sharply underrepresented in non-technical jobs at Silicon Valley


Data from leading technology companies released in 2014 shows that Silicon Valley underemploys minorities such as African Americans and Hispanics, according to a report by USA Today.
The report points out that such groups make for just five percent of these companies’ work force compared to 14 percent nationally.

After an analysis of employment documents submitted by Facebook, Google and Yahoo to the federal government, it appears that minorities are underrepresented even in non-technical jobs such as sales or administration. Among these, African Americans fare worse than Hispanics.

“Hispanics make up 5% of college-educated officials and managers nationwide, 4% at Yahoo and even less at Facebook and Google. African Americans make up 6% of officials and managers nationally, but 2% or less at these three tech giants,” adds the report.

According to The Seattle Times, “Non-Hispanic white males make up 47% of Microsoft’s U.S. workforce, above the 31% share Census data says the group accounts for in the country as a whole.”
A former employee of a well-known tech firm also revealed that women and African Americans were routinely shut out of management roles. Tech companies at Silicon Valley are largely comprise of white and Asian men.

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