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From Bing to Copilot: Microsoft’s Battle in the ChatGPT Arena

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is propelling innovation at an unprecedented speed, and Microsoft is at the forefront of this transformative wave. Recently, Microsoft introduced Bing Chat, a versatile chatbot and search engine. However, in a strategic move, the company has decided to rebrand Bing Chat as Copilot, aiming to redefine its AI services and compete in the evolving landscape of intelligent assistants.

Microsoft’s Move: Renaming Bing Chat to Copilot

The decision to rename Bing Chat was unveiled at the Microsoft Ignite 2023 event. Microsoft announced Copilot as the successor to Bing Chat and Bing Chat Enterprise. This shift reflects Microsoft’s commitment to staying agile and adaptive in the dynamic realm of AI.

Immediate Accessibility of Copilot AI

From bing to copilot: microsoft's battle in the chatgpt arena 2

While currently in the ‘preview’ stage, Microsoft assures users that Copilot AI will be freely accessible starting December 1. The transition to Copilot extends to Windows 11, where, after upgrading to 23H2, Bing will be officially known as Copilot.

Meeting AI Needs of Today’s Computing Community

Copilot emerges as an all-encompassing AI assistant, catering to the diverse needs of today’s computing community. In a bid to rival platforms like ChatGPT, Microsoft is positioning Co-pilot to be a comprehensive solution for both business and consumer users. Business users will require an Entra ID, while consumers can seamlessly log in through their Microsoft accounts.

Entra ID for Business Users

The introduction of Entra ID for business users signifies Microsoft’s dedication to enhancing security and access control for enterprise-level interactions. This move aims to streamline user authentication for corporate users, ensuring a secure and efficient experience.

Rebranding Process

The rebranding process has already begun, with users able to explore the new Copilot AI website. This strategic shift aligns with Microsoft’s vision to present a unified and evolved brand image, consolidating its AI offerings under the Copilot umbrella.

Evaluation of Bing Chat’s Features

Despite Bing Chat’s array of features, including research assistance and online solutions identification, it failed to substantially impact the search engine’s market share, currently pegged at 7%, according to StatCounter. Microsoft acknowledges the need for a strategic shift to regain competitive ground.

Commercial Data Protection for Microsoft 365 Users

In a move towards enhanced data protection, Microsoft plans to offer Co-pilot with commercial data protection, extending this feature to various Microsoft 365 enterprise plans. This step ensures that businesses can confidently integrate Copilot into their workflows without compromising data security.

Integration with OpenAI GPTs

Microsoft’s Copilot AI embraces OpenAI GPTs, with the platform built on the powerful GPT-4 and DALL-E 3 models. This amalgamation promises a robust and versatile AI assistant, setting Co-pilot apart in its ability to understand and generate human-like responses. Microsoft goes a step further, allowing users to create customized versions of Co-pilot for specific tasks.

The Role of ‘Bing’ Branding

While Bing as a search engine remains integral, it will now operate under the ‘Copilot’ branding. This shift indicates Microsoft’s commitment to infusing AI elements into the Bing experience, with Copilot driving the narrative.

Bing AI Conversation Milestone

Microsoft boasts over 1 billion prompts logged since the inception of Bing AI conversation. This milestone underscores the growing reliance on AI in daily interactions. It prompts us to contemplate the implications of this evolving technology.

Community Response

The rebranding decision raises a critical question: Was it a good move for Microsoft to transition from Bing Chat to Co-pilot? We invite readers to share their thoughts and opinions in the comments section below. Your insights contribute to the ongoing dialogue surrounding AI evolution.


In conclusion, Microsoft’s decision to rebrand Bing Chat as Copilot signifies a strategic response to the dynamic AI landscape. Copilot emerges as a versatile and adaptive AI assistant, poised to compete with industry counterparts. The rebranding not only reflects Microsoft’s commitment to innovation but also sets the stage for a more integrated and responsive AI experience.

SOURCE Microsoft Bing Blog

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