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List of Materialized Android Apps (So far)

List of Materialized Android Apps (So far)


Since the Google I/O conference back in June, the Material Design is one of the most focussed point in the Google’s new direction of redesigning Android. The Material Design, inspired by the tactile elements like Paper and Ink is the eye-candy in the latest Android 5.0 Lollipop version. It’s no exaggeration that this version of Android is called the major update in the Android history. We’ve already seen many app leaks recently featuring the Google’s new stock apps which were leaked from the preview images of Nexus 5. Personally we feel that Google’s going to give a Winter blast this year with the new Materialized look.

The Material design offers colourful layouts along with paper elements with highly distinguishable shadow elements making the Android apps much better. Apart from the visual treat, the Android latest avatar also promises great performance with the newly employed ART run-time. Google had already materialized its stock apps and asked developers to materialize their apps and publish them in the Play Store. Developers were already curious and started building their apps right from the release of the Android 5.0 SDK and surprisingly there were few apps even before the release of SDK.

Today we are going to list few apps that are available on the Google Play Store which already use the Google’s Material design. Installing these apps will give a sweet taste of the upcoming candy flavoured Android version. So for those who were eagerly waiting for the new version to roll out, these apps are a real treat. Download the following Materialized Android apps from the Play Store links given below to materialize your device.

List of Apps with Material Design

Enlighten us with more material apps in the comments section below if we had missed any.

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