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HP Spectre X360 Breaks Cover: Intel Meteor Lake CPUs Steal the Spotlight

Intel’s continuous technological strides have once again been leaked to the public. This time, @momomo_us provides an exclusive look at the HP Spectre X360, featuring Intel’s 14th-generation mobile CPUs based on the Meteor Lake architecture.

Source of the Leak

In the world of hardware leaks, @momomo_us has proven to be a reliable source. This time, the focus is on the complete specifications of the HP Spectre X360 2024 range.

HP Spectre X360 Models leak

Overview of HP Spectre X360 Specifications

The HP Spectre X360 boasts a 14-inch OLED (2.8K) display, combining elegance with advanced technology. The leaked image also hints at including a stylus, adding versatility to this convertible laptop. Noteworthy specifications include 16GB LPDDR5x 6400MHz RAM, a spacious 1TB SSD, and the promise of Intel Arc Graphics.

Significance of Intel Arc Graphics in Meteor Lake

Intel Arc graphics have been a subject of anticipation, and with the integrated Meteor Lake Arc GPU, a new era of in-built graphics processing is expected. This leap in graphics capabilities sets the stage for high-performance processors in the Ultra class of Intel’s 14th-generation CPUs.

Leaked Processor Specifications

The leak details two powerful processors:

Intel Core Ultra 5

  • Up to 4.50 GHz
  • 125H, 18MB L3 Cache
  • 14 Cores & 18 Threads

Intel Core Ultra 7

  • Up to 4.80 GHz
  • 155H, 24MB L3 Cache
  • 16 Cores & 22 Threads

MSI laptops were the first to surface with these 14th-generation CPUs, providing a glimpse into the future of computing.

Additional Features of HP Spectre X360

Beyond processing power, the Spectre X360 offers comprehensive features, including WiFi 7 capability, rapid charging, a fingerprint reader for enhanced security, and a premium audio experience with quad speakers. Notably, including an ‘AI Chip’ adds a layer of sophistication to its input device capabilities.

Intel’s Meteor Lake and AI Technology

Meteor Lake CPUs mark Intel’s foray into on-device AI processing, featuring an NPU Chip. The company aims to unveil these innovations formally at its AI Everywhere event in mid-December 2023, showcasing a commitment to integrating AI technologies into laptops.

Pricing and Disclaimer for HP Spectre X360

As per the leak, the HP Spectre X360 with an Intel Core Ultra 7 CPU is expected to be priced at $1999.99. However, it’s crucial to note that neither HP nor Intel has confirmed these details. CPU models, laptop features, performance metrics, and pricing changes may occur before the official debut.

Meteor Lake CPUs Launch Details

Intel’s Meteor Lake CPUs, equipped with cutting-edge AI technology, are set to make their official debut at the AI Everywhere event in mid-December. This event promises to redefine the landscape of laptops in 2024.

Reader Engagement: Asking for Opinions

What are your thoughts on this Spectre X360 leak featuring HP’s upcoming Meteor Lake laptop? Are you eagerly anticipating Intel’s 14th-generation CPUs? Share your views in the comments section below.


In conclusion, the leaked specifications of the HP Spectre X360 with Intel’s Meteor Lake processors hint at a new era of high-performance laptops. Integrating AI technology and powerful processors signifies a significant leap in computing capabilities.

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