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How to Change Your Snapchat Username & Display Name 2022 [Guide]

You can change your Snapchat username multiple times.

  • Change your Snapchat username in the settings section of the app. You can only change your Snapchat username, which your friends use to find your account, once a year.
  • Instead, select the Name option to change your display name.

You have two names on Snapchat: your username and your screen name. Your username only appears on your profile and is used to help friends and family find your account. However, your display name will appear above your Snap and Stories, on the Snap Map, and everyone’s feed.

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Until recently, you could only change the display name. To change your username, you had to create a completely new account. However, the latest update added the ability to change the username once a year.

How to change your Snapchat username 2022

Remember that once you change your username, you have to wait an entire year before changing it again. Even if you change your username, the previous one will still be blocked so no one else can use it. 

1. Open Snapchat and press the profile symbol in the upper left corner of the screen.

Snapchat change username ss 1 with keyboard in background
Open your Snapchat profile. Aniket A

2. Tap the gear icon at the top right of your profile. Go to the settings page.

Snap edit name ss 2
Tap the gear icon

3. Select the username option, then select Change username and continue to make sure you understand the restrictions.

Snap edit username ss 3
Change Snapchat username

4. Enter your new username and click Next. It should also be different. Instead, tap the arrow in the top left to exit without changing anything. 

5. Enter your Snapchat password and click OK

You now have a new username. See what your profile looks like.

What is the process for changing your Snapchat name?

This is the name you see at the top of your profile and on all Snaps. Unlike your username, you can change your display name at any time.

1. Open Snapchat and tap the profile icon in the top left corner, then the gear icon in the bottom right corner.

2. Select the name option.

3. Enter a new name, then click Save.

Snapchat change Display Name ss 1
Change Snapchat Display Name

You can enter a unique first and last name on your iPhone.

The new name will be displayed immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I edit my Snapchat Username?

Snapchat has introduced a new feature that allows users to change their usernames. This page contains all the ways to change your username.

Q: How can I update my Snapchat Username?

Snapchat lets you change your username once a year. However, you can update the display name multiple times without waiting. If you want to change your username within one year, you must create a new account.

Q: Why can’t I change my Snapchat username?

If you’ve changed your Snapchat username within the past year, you can’t change it. If you haven’t updated your Snapchat username in a year, make sure you’re using the latest version of the Snapchat app before creating a new app.

Q: How can I find someone on Snapchat if I don’t know their username?

You can see people even if you don’t know their Snapchat usernames. If you have a phone number or email address, you can find it and add it to your Snapchat friends list. You can add a contact to your Snapchat profile using the “Quick Add” tool.

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