Google planning to optimise search results for slower mobile connections in India


Google seems to be on a spree of making India-specific announcements. After the Android One initiative, Google is now looking at tackling the issue of slow mobile connectivity speeds by offering to optimise search results for users with slow mobile internet speeds.

Google plans to come out with a streamlined version of the search results page in India. This approach will basically ensure faster loading times and will give you more text based results quicker.

“We will automatically check to see if a user has a slow wireless connection and deliver a fast loading version of Search. Fewer bytes means you get your answer faster—and cheaper! Google’s high-quality results will remain the same, but elements such as images and maps will only show up when they are an essential part of the result,” said the official Google India blog post where the announcement was made.
This is a good initiative and will naturally help the Android One platform, as it is a well known fact that India has the lowest broadband speeds in the entire Asia-Pacific region.

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