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Google I/O 2022 The dates of May 11 – 12 Have Been Set

Google has just announced the dates for this year’s Google I/O 2022 developer conference. The event will begin on May 11 and last until May 12. This confirmation comes after Google shared a four-part puzzle for us to solve to determine the dates for this year’s I/O. So, let’s get into the specifics.

Google I/O 2022 will begin on May 11

To unveil the dates of this year’s Google I/O event, Google first posted a four-part SVD puzzle. Although fans on Twitter may have solved the mystery, Sundar Pichai afterwards took to Twitter to announce the dates and location of the Google I/O 2022 conference. Check out Pichai’s tweet, which is posted below.

As previously stated, Google I/O 2022 will be a two-day virtual event that will be free to watch online. It will continue to take place at the Shoreline Amphitheatre, as it did before COVID-19. This year’s event keynote would also have a modest in-person audience. The tweet also provides a link to the event’s website, which features a unique live countdown metre and discloses further details about the event.

The event’s live countdown-timer displays the number of days, hours, and minutes till the event goes live, and it is a very Google-like timer that plays a jingle alongside the ticker. Users can also register using their Google developer profile to obtain the “I/O 2022 Attendee” badge, which is added to the developer profile.

Google io 2022 screenshot

When it comes to announcements, Google typically announces all of the latest innovations, ranging from smartphone features to IoT tech breakthroughs, on which it is currently working during Google I/O events. The event will most likely contain information about Android 13, as well as the release of its first beta build. At this year’s event, we may also anticipate Google to announce its first wristwatch, the Pixel Watch, as well as the budget-friendly Pixel 6a.

Aside from these, we anticipate the business to introduce new features and services for Google Assistant, Google Maps, Chrome, and other products. More information regarding the Google I/O 2022 event is likely to emerge before May 11.

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