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Gmail 5.0 – Revamped with added support for multiple email accounts


News has it that Google isn’t planning to stop just with the Android 5.0 Lollipop update for us but has also rolled out a new and enhanced Gmail for its users. The main attraction is that it supports Outlook, Yahoo and other email accounts.

A leak from Android Police reveals Gmail 5.0, the email service which will not only have a revamped look in terms of design to a more dynamic and clean interface, but will also give you the liberty to view competing email services including Yahoo and Outlook in the app itself.

With this feature, handling our mails will be a lot more easier as everything will be smoothly cramped up in one app. The short video leaked by Android Police also displays how easy it would be to switch between your email accounts including Yahoo and Outlook from within Gmail with just a swipe.

With the new Android 5.0 Lollipop being available for users in the coming weeks, the updated Gmail app proves to be an added perk. Having the leisure to check all your mails in a single app on the go is a welcome change. According to the video, the app seems to have adopted whites and red to their palette, refreshed icons along with round images of your contacts too. It has a pleasant interface with minimalist content.

Couple of years back, Google had acquired the mail app called ‘Sparrow’ which also offered the same feature of handling different email providers. The company’s employees were then added to the Gmail team for further development.
Two questions arise. One being, when will this update be rolled out? Will it be alongside Android 5.0? Also, there is no news about it being available for iOS yet. We are confident that it will be available, but a little detail about it would have helped too.

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