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How to Fix or Turn Off Autocorrect On Google Pixel 2

How to fix or turn off autocorrect on pixel 2

This quick guide explains how to fix and prevent Pixel 2 autocorrect problems. Often times, autocorrect will type messages that people don’t understand. This is especially true for those who type extremely fast. Not to mention you might accidentally hit the wrong letters on the big 6-inch screen of the Pixel 2 XL, and it will correct it to the wrong word.

By changing your keyboard settings or installing a different Pixel 2 keyboard these autocorrect problems can easily be avoided. A good keyboard will use the right words and correct your mistakes for you.

Whether you’re coming from another Android device, a Samsung Galaxy, or the iPhone this will help you type faster and better on the Google Pixel 2.

How to Fix Google Pixel 2 Autocorrect Problems

If you want to continue using Google’s excellent Gboard keyboard make sure you configure the settings properly first. This is an important step for the best experience. Some prefer next-word prediction, others don’t.

Open a text message or email so your keyboard opens on the screen. Once you see the keyboard, tap and hold the microphone or the “/” icon, this brings up more options and you’ll see the gear-shaped settings button. Tap that and head into the Gboard keyboard settings. Next, find and select the text correction option. This is where we’ll get to control how the keyboard works and acts.

Out of the box, autocorrect is already enabled, along with a few other helpful settings shown below. Next-word suggestion is a popular option from Google, but a lot of users choose to turn it off. It uses the previous word to help guess what you want next. If you hit the spacebar, it enters that word automatically. Just like how autocorrect will instantly fix words you misspell.


Google’s keyboard learns from you as you type. Then starts to offer personalized suggestions, next word suggestions, and even knows contact names from your device to make typing easier. And while these are great, some of these also cause some autocorrect problems. The keyboard is trying so hard to help, that it actually slows you down.

We recommend turning off next word suggestion, but keeping autocorrect enabled. This way misspelled words get fixed instantly while the keyboard doesn’t add what it thinks you want next. The “next-word suggestions” option is what causes most autocorrect problems on the Pixel and Pixel 2.

While you’re in the Gboard settings menu it’s a good idea to go through all of the options. Let your device use offensive words, use emoji, then go back to the main settings menu and select Dictionary. In here you can add unique names or words you use often, and the keyboard will remember them moving forward. This way autocorrect won’t replace uncommon words. Once you teach Gboard anything and add it to the dictionary, typing becomes much easier and faster.


Another option is to try a different keyboard completely. Our link above goes over some of the most popular keyboards for Android, what they have to offer, and gives you links to download them today. If the Pixel 2 is giving you problems try something different. Each keyboard does autocorrect a little different, so find what works for you.


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