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First Photos Leaked of Body for HTC One’s Replacement for 2014 (HTC M8)

Back before the HTC One was launched, many leaks under the codename of HTC M7 were leaked displaying the device in all its glory for the world to see. And now, as we are slowly coming to a close on 2013, we finally have our possible first leaks (courtesy of sources over at the Chinese site for VR-Zone) of HTC’s replacement model for the One to be released next year (under the codename of HTC M8). The leaks clearly show a very similar body to the current HTC flagship along with a few hints of various curves and edges under a slightly different design.
The body shows that the upcoming device for HTC in 2014 may still contain the same unibody format as its predecessor along with a slight hint of blue for the body casing itself. Of course there is no evidence that this will be the final design color chosen for the device but at least we have a good idea of HTC’s goal for a starting point on the design language. Just as the HTC One, it appears this body is still showing the wildly known “beats audio” logo (even though HTC has recently broken the contract with Beats. We also notice a very interesting hole right above where the camera lens would be (possible fingerprint reader or another sensor?)
Could this be our first ever look at HTC M8 (HTC Two or HTC One 2 perhaps)? Whatever the device may end up being upon release we can definitely say that HTC is certainly trying to keep up with the same design language it has started in 2013.
What do you guys think of this first look at the HTC M8?
Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.


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