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Fake Xiaomi products: Here’s how to avoid getting fooled


Xiaomi company said that the fake product of Mi has been raided in October and November. The fake products that Xiaomi has seized include the Mi Smartphone, PowerBank, Charger earphones, and mobile back covers.

33 lakh fake Mi products seized, you are not used anywhere, identify this way

Xiaomi’s smartphone is in great demand in India. But there are also a large number of fake Xiaomi products in the Indian market. It has been revealed by Xiaomi itself. About 33 lakhs of fake Mi products have been seized from three suppliers in Chennai and four in Bangalore. A complaint has been filed by Xiaomi at the local police station under the Anti Counterfeit Program. The company said that Mi’s fake products have been raided in October and November. The fake products that Xiaomi has seized include Mi smartphones, Powerbank, Charger, earphones, mobile back cover.

How to identify Xiaomi’s real product

  •    Xiaomi products come with a security code. These can be check from mi.com. This includes the Mi Power-Bank and all kinds of audio products.
  •    The quality of the retail box of Xiaomi’s original product will be quite different. With this, you can match the products on Mi Home and Mi Store.
  •    Check the Mi India logo of the product, which will be slightly different from the fake product.
  •    All authorized fitness products such as the Mi Band Mi Fit app come with connectivity.
  •    The fake Mi cable breaks quickly and easily.

3 thousand fake products seized from three shopping areas

Xiaomi’s counterfeit product has seized around 3000 fake products from three locations in Chennai and Bangalore. Karbi seized about 24.9 lakhs from Chennai city and fake products worth about 8.4 lakh rupees from Bangalore. The company has identified three suppliers who used to supply fake products. These three suppliers used to supply fake products in many cities across the country.

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