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Dune: Awakening Gameplay Trailer Unveiled: A Closer Look at the Survival MMO

Since Dune: Awakening’s game reveal in 2022, the landscape of the franchise has undergone significant changes. Dune 2 has already proven to be one of the biggest box-office successes of the era. Now, with impeccable timing, Funcom has dropped a new trailer for the upcoming Dune game. The two-minute teaser offers a tantalizing glimpse into what the Survival MMO has in store and how its various features are poised to captivate players.

Surviving in Arrakis Seems Unreal

According to the trailer, Dune: Awakening promises to be a survival open-world MMO crafted in Unreal Engine 5.2, boasting stunning visual fidelity reminiscent of the Dune films. As players dive into the game, their journey commences in Arrakis. They’ll explore bustling villages and rolling dunes while defending their outposts from Coriolis storms. Players will encounter various characters from the Dune movies and books along the way.

Dune: Awakening Trailer

Embracing the Development Journey

The game’s development journey appears promising for survival enthusiasts. Players can learn skills and abilities from Mentats and Bene Gesserit, find and extract the water to sustain their still suits and establish guilds and bases with friends. Bases can be upgraded into fortresses as players progress, and the attire worn reflects loyalty to specific guilds.

Engaging in Battle

Dune: Awakening offers a third-person POV gaming experience, allowing players to wield melee and ranged weapons alongside diverse abilities. Crafting plays a pivotal role, with players able to create various weapons, armor, vehicles, attachments, modifications, and more. As the game unfolds, players will encounter infantry, ground vehicles, and airships, adding depth to the combat experience.

Release Date & Platforms

Funcom has yet to announce an official release date for Dune: Awakening, but closed betas are already underway, hinting at an imminent unveiling. The game is confirmed for PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC platforms and can be wishlisted through the official website.


With Dune 2 setting the bar high, Dune: Awakening aims to build upon its success. The trailer showcases a visually stunning game with solid features poised to appeal to survival game enthusiasts. As anticipation builds and with other survival games like Terminator: Survivors on the horizon, the competition in this genre is heating up.

SOURCE Funcom/ YouTube

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