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Coursera brings online learning offline in India

Massive Open Online Course provider Coursera has teamed up with the US State Government in order to take its learning offline too. The course provider has launched Global Learning Hubs with which Coursera users will be able to access the Internet and work with others in a group for free.

The US Department of State has been named as a major Learning Hubs partner as well as Overcoming Faith Academy Kenya and Digital October. Bluebells School International and Lady Sri Ram College for Women of India have been named as partners too. These partners will be bringing Learning Hubs to more than 30 embassies, American Spaces, campuses and other physical locations worldwide.

Coursera to bring offline learning to cities all over the world

“At Coursera, we envision a future where everyone has access to a world-class education. We strive to create and deliver experiences that break down daily barriers that stand in the way of successful learning,” wrote the Coursera team in a blog post announcing these Learning Hubs. Also a part of this effort will be “local course facilitators,” who will have knowledge on the subjects and will mentor the students taking up courses.

Coursera has announced that it is actively looking for additional partners to host learning Hubs within their own communities apart from the ones in the existing cities. Meghan Curtis of the US State Department said, “We are excited to be partnering with Coursera. Together, we hope that we can identify new models for blended online and in-person learning, offer students new skills and knowledge, and help connect them to U.S. higher education institutions.”

While there have always existed impromptu and unofficial meet-up sessions for Coursera users across the world, this will give them a chance to interact amongst themselves as well as knowledge-givers.

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