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Apple’s Upcoming iPhone 15 To Feature USB-C, According To Reports

An Apple executive has allegedly stated information regarding the upcoming iPhone 15 could include USB-C, which is an alternative to the Lightning port found in the present iPhone X. A separate report has indicated that the reveal of this suggestion is likely to come in 2013.

Upcoming iPhone 15 USB-C: Details

Facebook user Weibo has confirmed information about introducing an integrated circuit board for the USB-C port for the iPhone 15. It limits the USB port’s compatibility with networked accessories. It will only work with Apple MFi (Made for iPhone and iPad)-certified accessories.

If a non-MFI-certified accessory is plugged in, a “This accessory is not supported” dialogue will be displayed since these do not have the standard IC. Including an IC guarantees that users with real cables and other accessories can connect their iPhones. The iPad, Mac, and other Apple products can be hooked up to USB-C, but that isn’t how these gadgets initially came. If this becomes true, it would be the first time Apple has made such a modification.

As a result, while Apple is willing to use USB-C for its iPhones (expected to become a standard by 2024 and in India by 2025), it may want to limit which accessories come in contact with it. The post also suggests that the IC will be Lightning-compatible, meaning that the iPhone 15 will continue to support lightning cables, making it easier for Apple to comply with EU law and have its way.

As Apple tends to restrict things when it comes to third parties, this may be no surprise, but it may defeat the very purpose of standardizing charging ports. It is just a rumor, and we will have to wait for official confirmation before making any conclusions.

Two types of USB-C ports are expected to be introduced by Apple the standard iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus could be equipped with USB-C 2.0 with limited speeds, while the iPhone 15 Pro, 15 Pro Max, and the possible iPhone 15 Ultra are expected to come equipped with USB-C 3.2. A Dynamic Island will be available on all iPhone 15 models, and a periscopic lens on iPhone 15 Pro models.

More Details

We will learn more about the iPhone 15 series in the fall of this year. You can, however, always get an idea of how things will turn out by reading reliable rumors and leaks, so stay tuned for them. In the comments below, let us know your thoughts on the limited USB-C for the upcoming iPhones.

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