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Apple Might Scrap The iPhone SE 4: Here’s What We Know So Far

If recent information by Ming-Chi Kuo is believed, the next-generation inexpensive iPhone SE 4 might be scrapped altogether. There have been rumors regarding the phone’s cancellation since December 2022, and now it seems that it is indeed the case. It was supposed to launch either this year or in 2024. Here’s why.

The iPhone SE 4 may not be released!

In a Medium post, Kuo claims that Apple has halted the production and shipment of the iPhone SE 4 due to supply chain issues. An earlier report noted that it might be delayed.

There is speculation that Apple may make this decision due to the poor performance of its developing in-house baseband chip. It was supposed to debut with the iPhone SE 4 in 2024, and if the inexpensive phone performed well, it would then move on to the high-end iPhone 16, which would replace Qualcomm chips.

Qualcomm’s chip is expected to continue to provide service to iPhone 16 series phones. With this, Qualcomm is expected to dominate the global high-end mobile phone RF market in 2023 and 2024.

Furthermore, Apple might dump the iPhone SE 4 because there is less demand for lower-priced iPhones and the Pro models are currently all the rage. In addition, the rumored iPhone XR-like design might also increase the price of the iPhone SE 4, defeating its purpose since Apple is rethinking its iPhone strategy for this year’s iPhone 15 models.

This information may indeed be accurate, given Kuo’s track record. But since 2024 is still a year away, we are still determining what Apple has in store. With no iPhone SE and rumors about a lower price for the iPhone 15 Plus, Cupertino might change things for it and its users to benefit.

Because Apple does not update the iPhone SE lineup regularly and has been carrying an outdated design for years, people won’t be affected by its discontinuation. Despite this, Apple should still focus on the mid-range market. We will let you know once we have something concrete to report. Let us know in the comments below what you think about Apple canceling the iPhone SE4.

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