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Apple Is Now Selling Smart Water Bottles For Over Rs 6,000 After a Polishing Cloth

Apple Smart Water Bottles: Apple products are notoriously expensive, but no one anticipated a cleaning cloth costing roughly Rs 1,900. The HidrateSpark smart water bottle, which will set you back more than Rs 6,000, has joined the list of pricey Apple items. Isn’t it a bit pricey for a water bottle? Let’s have a look at some of its clever features.

You Can Get a Smart Water Bottle from Apple!

Apple Smart Water Bottles: In the United States, Apple offers two HidrateSpark water bottles featured on their website. One is made of Tritan plastic, while the other is made of stainless steel. Both include an Apple Health connection, so you can record every drink of water and view the statistics in the Apple Health app.

The HidrateSpark Pro Steel is vacuum-insulated, which allows it to keep water cool for up to 24 hours. This will come in handy throughout the summer. It includes chug and straw lids, as well as a rechargeable battery with quick charging capability. In addition, the water bottle contains an LED puck at the bottom that lights up to remind you to drink water. It comes in a variety of colours and patterns that may be personalised. The bottle weighs 32 ounces (910 grammes) and comes in two colours: black and silver.

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All of this is trackable via the HidrateSpark App (and, of course, Bluetooth), which can also sync your Apple Health data. This app is available for free. The HidrateSpark Pro Titran water bottle also has this feature. It isn’t, however, vacuum-insulated.

The Titran smart water bottle, on the other hand, is shatterproof, odour-free, and light. The chug/straw lids are identical, as is the LED smart sensor puck. It’s available in two different colours: black and green.

The HidrateSpark Pro Steel is available for $79.95 (approximately Rs 6,100) on Apple’s website. The HidrateSpark Pro Titran costs $59.50, or Rs 4,500 in Indian rupees. Both of these are still pricey for a bottle, especially since you can simply measure your water intake with a smartwatch or any health app.

It is presently only accessible in the United States, and there is no indication of its distribution in other regions.

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