Apple iPhone 12 Live Image Leaked revealed before launch

Apple iPhone 12 Concept

The new compact display iPhone 12 has also previously appeared in the iOS 14 beta version. This phone is going to come with a small compact display.

Apple will unveil its iPhone 12 series in September 2020. Leaks have been continuously surfacing about the iPhone 12 for a long time. So far, much information has been revealed about the iPhone 12 series. According to the leaked information, 4 models will be launched in the upcoming lineup of iPhone. Now the picture of the iPhone 12 has been leaked in a new leak. This is the base model of this series. The leaked picture gives a lot of information about the design and other features of the phone.

Apple is bringing ‘small’ iPhone
The leaked picture of the iPhone 12 shows that the phone has a 5.4-inch display. This is lower than the iPhone 11. The company is bringing this phone for those users who still prefer to use a small and compact size phone. Digital Chat Station has leaked this photo of the phone. The phone has a wide notch like the iPhone X.

Apple iPhone 12 Leak Image
iPhone Live Image

Small iPhone also is running on iOS beta 14 version
The new compact display iPhone has also previously appeared in the iOS 14 beta version. Apart from the new iPhone, the display zoom feature has also been seen in this beta version. Through this feature, users will be able to zoom content on small iPhones without disconnecting the user interface.

New iPhone 12 can be launched on September 8
According to recently leaked information, the company can unveil the new iPhone series on September 8. Several other products such as Apple Watch, the company’s wireless charging pad AirPower, and the new iPad can also be brought to the same event. There is also news that the company may launch the new iPad Pro, MacBook, and MacBook Pro 13 in another event on October 27 after this event.



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