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Apple iOS dominates enterprise share with new iPhones: report

Apple iOS dominates enterprise share with new iPhones: report


The Android platform may dominate the overall mobile market share with its vast range of mobile devices spread across different price segments. But when it comes to enterprises, Apple’s iOS platform continues to be the preferred choice for businesses.

According to the latest findings by Good Technology’s Mobility Index Report, iOS enjoys a good majority of the overall enterprise share at 69 percent, while Android and Windows Phone trail at 29 percent and 1 percent respectively. The report does not contain data for Blackberry, as it uses the company’s own BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

iOS enjoys vast majority of the enterprise market share (Image: Good Technology)

According to Good Technology, the total number of iOS activations increased by 2 percent from the previous quarter. Android, on the other hand, lost activation share by the same amount.

Good Technology‘s Mobility Index Report says,”The introduction of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus appears to have made a significant impact on the overall share.” Soon after being launched, the iPhone 6 made up 17 percent of all the activations in September. The report also shows that enterprises prefer the iPhone 6 over the larger iPhone 6 Plus, with a significant 85 percent users opting for the iPhone 6 over the phablet.

During the months July and August, iOS made up 66 percent of all the activations – a drop by one percent from the previous quarter. Thanks to the new iPhones, iOS not only regained its lost share, but also stole share from Android by holding 69 percent of the overall enterprise market share.

Windows Phone activations remain consistent with the previous quarters, at one percent.

iOS shines even in the tablet segment, though Android’s share in the tablet market looks to be increasing steadily. iOS tablets took a vast majority of activations at 89 percent. Good Technology says, “However, for the second straight quarter, Android slightly increased its share of total activations, now accounting for 11 percent of tablet activations.”


iOS tablets maintained the vast majority of tablet activations among enterprises (Image: Good Technology)

Apart from the activation share of different mobile platforms, the report says that custom app activations have grown by over 700 percent year over year, becoming the most widely-activated app category among enterprise users. Besides custom apps, secure instant messaging and secure browsing apps dominated enterprise smartphones, while document viewing and editing apps are of utmost importance for tablet owners.

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