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Anti-gravity Zero G iPhone case coming for Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge


The popular and remarkable Zero G case for iPhone will soon be made available for Samsung’s new flagship devices – Galaxy S6, S6 Edge.

The Zero G case is a Kickstarter project that is seeking funding. It sticks to tables and vertical surfaces, allowing hands-free selfies. And no the case isn’t sticky and replicates a suction cup in its functionality instead.

Mega Tiny Corporation’s Zero G cases features nano-suction material that lets you stick the case to glass, tile, stainless steel, mirrors, countertops, white boards, computer screens, windows, and even some walls. The material can be cleaned with just water, it self-heals and is temperature resistant.

The Zero G case isn’t just about taking hands-free selfies. The Kickstarter page shows its uses in the kitchen, gym and so on. For instance, it will allow users to stick the phone to the mirror and watch their favourite game while shaving.

The Zero G Kickstarter project has raised over $80,000, and still has 12 days to go. The Zero G case for iPhone will start shipping in May. The Galaxy S6 models will be available for pre-order via Kickstarter for $34 and start shipping by late June.

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