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Android M to offer improved battery life, RAM usage: Report


With just a couple of days to go before Google pulls the wrap off its newest mobile OS, rumours around the upcoming Android M don’t seem to halt. A new report now highlights that Android M will bring improved battery life and cut down on the RAM usage.

Google has asked its Android team to focus on battery and RAM, and reduce location checking when not required, according to a report by AndroidPolice. It has also asked the team to turn down the activity when its off the charger, adds the report. With these new changes, Google may fix issues such as battery drain due to Play services.

Though Google hasn’t officially announced Android M, a Google I/O schedule ‘leak’ gave a sneak peak into the next iteration to be announced at the I/O held on May 28-29. In fact, the leak also triggered the guessing game regarding what the next iteration of the mobile OS could be named. The new report points out the Android version is internally called Macadamia Nut Cookie or MNC, but will get a new name during the launch (Marshmallow, Mudpie or so on).  If you remember, Android 5.0 was internally called Lemon Meringue Pie LMP, but was launched later on as Lollipop.

Google is likely to reveal Android M at a developer preview at the I/O 2015. The final version of Android M will be scheduled for August, and could get a name only when it is launched alonside the upcoming Nexus devices in September-October.

Besides Android M version, Google is also expected to launch new Voice Access, Android Pay, a new Chromecast, among other things.

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