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Samsung’s Good Lock App Goes Public: Play Store Debut

Samsung’s Good Lock application, a customization suite for Galaxy smartphones that enables users to experiment with various elements and add new capabilities, is reportedly now coming to the Google Play Store. The application offers modules to customize the lock screen, notifications, home screen, and more. Previously exclusive to the Galaxy Shop, this move signals a broader availability for users.

Expansion to Google Play Store from Galaxy Shop

The shift from being limited to the Galaxy Store to reaching a wider Android audience through the Google Play Store marks a significant development for Samsung’s customization ecosystem. This move will enhance accessibility and ease of downloading for users globally.

Compatibility and Early Access Details

Despite this expansion, the app remains exclusive to Galaxy phones and is not compatible with other Android devices. Reports suggest that its availability on the Play Store is limited to certain countries and users, as indicated by an early access status.

Current Availability and Limitations

The app’s availability appears to be restricted, with reports indicating that it may not be accessible in regions like India. This limited availability underscores the phased rollout strategy adopted by Samsung for its applications.

Features and Components of the Good Lock App

The Good Lock app offers a range of features and components, including Lockstar, Quickstar, Task Changer, and ClockFace, among others. These tools provide users with extensive customization options for their Galaxy devices, allowing them to personalize various aspects of their smartphone experience.

Version Details and Size of the App

As per recent reports, the app’s current version available on the Play Store is, with a file size of 3.3 megabytes. The app’s description highlights its functionalities, mirroring those available on the Galaxy Store version.

Implications of Early Access and Development Stage

The early access status on the Play Store implies that the app is still in development and may not be fully stable for all users. To mitigate potential instability issues, users are advised not to install it on their primary devices.

History and Evolution of Samsung’s Good Lock App

Initially launched in 2018, the Good Lock app has evolved into a robust customization tool for Galaxy smartphones. It has introduced advanced personalization features and tools, such as enhanced control over audio settings with Sound Assistant and customizable notifications.

User Experience and Feedback

User experiences with the Good Lock app have been generally positive, with many appreciating its customization capabilities and intuitive interface. However, issues related to stability and compatibility with non-Galaxy devices have been noted by some users.

Potential Future Developments

Samsung may continue to refine and expand the capabilities of the Good Lock app, incorporating user feedback and adding new features.


In conclusion, Samsung’s Good Lock app’s way to the Google Play Store signifies a broader reach for its customization suite. While users can expect enhanced personalization options, caution is advised regarding its early access status and potential stability issues.

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