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A third of Galaxy S5 upgraders came from an iPhone

samsung galaxy s5Reports about the Galaxy S5 doing extremely well in its initial launch have been coming in thick and fast over the last few days, and now, a report from The Telegraph has revealed that existing iPhone owners could be a considerable force behind the high Galaxy S5 adoption rate. According to the report, which quotes data from CompareMyMobile, 38 percent of the users upgrading to a Galaxy S5 were coming from an iPhone. Most of these upgraded from the older iPhone 4s, but Samsung should still be pretty happy about the fact that these consumers decided to opt for its flagship instead of upgrading to the newest device in Apple’s lineup.
After the iPhone 4s, the Galaxy S III was the next most traded device, which isn’t the least bit surprising since most S III owners would have
been at the end of their two-year contracts, and because the Galaxy S5 is a much bigger upgrade over the third-generation Galaxy S model than it is over the Galaxy S4. Following in third place were owners of the iPhone 5s, who also saw merit in upgrading to the latest and greatest from Samsung, offering yet another indication of the fact that the S5 could be on its way to becoming the most successful handset from the Korean manufacturer yet.

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